Haaaaaaands across the water. Water. Haaaaaaannds across the sky...

We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert

I’m already having issues with the fourth distal phalanx. It keeps coming detached. It reminds my of that Kaiju from Ultraman that launched it’s fingertips. At least I think it was Ultraman, it’s probably been 30 years since I saw it. Maybe it was launching claws. No idea.


Paddy: so…Done in the shop for awhile, eh?
Patrick: yup, getting it cleaned up. It got to be a real mess
Paddy: Got another project lined up?
Patrick: Not for a while. Not with the budget being as tight as it is
Paddy: Nothing left unfinished then?
Patrick: Nope
Paddy: Well let me know if you need a hand
Patrick: I got it. Thanks
Paddy: it’s no bother, I can leave mine for you anytime