It's like that episode in where they're stuck in a time loop. That doesn't really narrow it down much, does it.

Staaar Trekkin, Across the Universe

We used to do that as children. My father would accelerate or take a corner a little quicker than he should, and we would quickly lean forward. I also remember sitting backward in the back of an Oldsmobile Station wagon with a slinky stretched out and hitting it so that it made laser sounds. That and flipping the people behind us off. Now you have to be belted up, and facing forward. This is a good thing, but most children now a days will never get to experience the adrenaline rush of suddenly launching 8 feet towards the front of the car when your parents lock up the brakes. Nope, in today’s world you have to pay big money to ride G-Force One to get anything close to that experience. I may be exaggerating a little. 


Paddy: How you getting on with the GP…What are you doing?
Patrick: Warp factor 10 Mr Crusher.
Patrick: Engage!
Paddy: I don’t think it’s safe to lean forward like that. This thing probably has an air bag or something
Paddy: OH LOOK! More traffic! Why it’s been weeks since I last saw any traffic