I just wish he'd stop singing the happy happy poop poop song

Steaming pile of bullshit

You know how hard it is to make bullshit that is really all just cliche sound profound and deep? This took a whole 20 minutes! That’s 20 whole minutes of my life I’ll never get back. All for a toilet gag that’s been on the back burner for over a year. That is depths of my dedication.


Paddy: I like to think that I’ve matured in all my years wandering this earth. Neighbors bicker and argue over lawn care. “My team is better than your team”
Paddy: These are trivial matters for the economically comfortable. They are side effects of the larger problem. It isn’t your fault. You were born into this machine, and this idea that you must work to be accomplished.
Paddy: But no matter how hard I try to delude myself, “I’ve been around longer”, “I have more experience to draw on”, the truth is… I just no longer give a shit
Narrator: Then why do you insist on sitting there?