"Birate Hunter!"

Stormy Seas

Pirates may be the best adult movie ever. It’s good enough for them to have created an R rated version, as well well as an R rated sequel. I would say that it makes a really decent bad movie.


Cat: What in the world are you watching?
Paddy: I think it’s a documentary on pirate hunters
Cat: Promiscuous bunch aren’t they?
Paddy: There is a lot more sword swallowing and gun firing than I would’ve thought
Cat: That’s more of a cannon
Paddy: That was a stern shot on the starboard quarter
Paddy: There was a time that you would not have been able to curl up there
Cat: Those are long past my friend
Paddy: yeah, but I still get to pet a p…Oh my Gawd, she’s so going to need an eye patch