In this corner...Weighing in at 6 pound...

Table Tennis

As I’m getting older I’m learning that it isn’t so much that I can no longer do the fractions in my head. It’s more like I have a hard time remembering which way I was converting and what way I was trying to end up. Half the time it doesn’t even need to be that accurate on the actual project, but you’ve got to do the maths to figure that out. Well, once in a while anyhow. :-P


Paddy: So. What are you making now? It looks like a table
Patrick: mmhmm
Paddy: Oh! Is this that desk she was talking about?
Patrick: mmhmm
Paddy: Looks like you’re almost done
Patrick: mmhmm
Paddy: It’s like I’m talking to myself here. Do you need any a-sis-tance?
Patrick: I’m sorry, what now?
Paddy: You’re trying to do Maths in your head again aren’t you?