Um, ahhh... It's actually an art piece, the strings are the US healthcare system and the Rod the new failed Republican proposal. Yeah...

Tangled up in blue

Wow are we a mess or what. I suppose there is a good side, the next group of young children will be able to count to 12 without the ladybug picnic song in their head, since PBS funding is likely getting cut, and NPR, and and and. But hey, we got to get that golf game in, and pay for two housholds and security and…


Patrick: Hey. Why is the cat so spoo…
Paddy: Uh, Hi!
Patrick: Is this why you wanted the stunt double?
Patrick: I mean you can do what you want and all. I’d just rather you didn’t use my workbench
Paddy: I need your assistance please, I’m tied up
Patrick: I can see you’re busy, we can start on it this weekend
Paddy: No, I mean I’m stuck. I think I might also be glued to the floor. and some cat hair
Patrick: So you don’t want your own bench?
Paddy: Not at this moment, no