Actually the photos are there, but they are in such an obscure wavelength you just never seen them before

Technology is the Devil

My phone died last night. It looks to be bricked from a background update but I’m not sure. I fully expect to given the run around with my carrier who will tell me to go to the manufacturer who will then tell me to go to my carrier. On the plus side, we are getting absolutely pounded on with rain here so it shouldn’t be too bad crowd wise. maybe. It is the Pacific Northwest. Rain doesn’t really stop anyone.


Paddy: Oh did the power go out?
Patrick: Nah, my phone died, won’t even boot up, just a logo then turns off
Paddy: OK, so then why are we sitting in the dark?
Patrick: Well I use the phone to take the photos for the comic and I’m out of buffer
Paddy: OK but, couldn’t you just, you know…
Patrick: Nope, not the same
Paddy: I really don’t like being on your side of the dialog.
Narrator: Maybe just put up a Cat pic?
Cat: The Internets love me & my people