"So I Guess I'll sit down
On this rock
And rest for just a minute..."
-Shel Silverstein, The Loser

The Loser

I’m a Loser baby. I neglected to get any work done this week. Granted I had a lot going on non comic related, but I still usually mange to get going with something at the last minute, which I suppose I did, but it doesn’t continue the current story arc. Partly because I’ve yet to figure out how to safely have Paddy in the drivers seat. I think getting a right hand drive duplicate of my car may be in order.


Narrator: Our Sincerest appologies. We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties
Paddy: Jayzus! Jus’ tell ’em that he got busy
Narrator: We can’t do that. He’s yet to miss an update, and I’m not going to lie
Paddy: Never missed an update… You’re an idjit! Now get me the glue