Kind of brings a new meaning to the Rubert Holmes line "and getting caught in the rain"

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff is still one of my favorite moves. As a child, I may have watched that as often as I watched Star Wars. That may be one of the first things I watch again if we ever get around to buying an 80″ TV.


Paddy: So tell me nurse Murch, is it bad?
Wife: Nurse Murch? Hey, watch it! You’re just lucky there’s no place to put the catheter hose
Paddy: But I was hoping for one of them piña coladas
Wife: That’s a High colonic! anyhow, I think I see the problem
Wife: It looks like we can get you fixed up with a couple of screwdrivers
Paddy: That’s lovely dear, No orange juice in mine thank you