Maybe it was a nearsighted owl with poor night vision and a speedsuit

there ’tis

Perhaps it is time for a change, maybe I should actually promote the comic. Maybe I shouldn’t be so cheap, and actually buy some ad space and promote the comic. Better yet, find a minion to promote the comic for me. Minions work for free technically right? I mean sure, there are expenses for them, but I don’t actually have to pay them, they just do what I need, jump when I say, take the blame for my errors, no wait, that’s not right. The word I’m looking for is “Intern”


Patrick: I don’t know, maybe it’s time for a change
Paddy: you should probably start by cleaning up more than just the shop if you get my m…

sfx: whump

Paddy: What the hell was that?
Narrator: That was a “buttfirst” plot device
Patrick: It sounded like a bird hitting the house
Paddy: It’s dark out and there’s nearly no glass on this side, it would have to be blind as a bat