Somewhere on a little table, in a tiny corner, of a small room in the house, the violin is still warm.

Three sheets to the wind

Yes, there really are stunt doubles. Yes I am really pulling the Frankenstein’s Monster gag. Yes it is a lame anniversary comic, but so’s the comic.


Narrator: To celebrate one year of work on this comic, we’ve decided to do something special. We intend to raise…
Patrick: Did you just air quote “work” and “comic”?
Narrator: maybe
Patrick: Well then you can do the line again. I need to adjust the lighting anyway
Lights off sounds
Narrator: Can’t you just fix it on the computer?
Patrick: This will look better
Narrator: Than what?
Light on sound
Paddy: I couldn’t find a lab coat or┬áthe thrift store
Narrator: We’re in the middle of shooting
Patrick: Stop with the fucking air quotes!
Paddy: I thought you wanted to iron the sheet