One Night the cat kept us up all night with his howling and walking all over us. So of course the next day we woke him up every chance we got. WAKE UP KITTY!

A Wake?

Growing up, one of my uncles while at a wake once joked that the only difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral is one less person. I like this idea. Then again, I’m also fond of “Finnegans Wake”


Paddy: It’s been quiet
Cat: I miss her too. I’m bored
Paddy: I could get you tap shoes
Cat: yeah, I’m not so big about things on my feet
Paddy: How bout a bell? NO wait! I know, one of those flashy lights like those rave kids have
Cat: Do you know where to get one?
Paddy: Not really. Last time I tried a couple of kids ended up with a surprise in their three way photos