There are people outside. Soy lentil greens just up and walking about

Walk this Way

Why is it that one feels tired and crappy, the solution is exercise. I’m tired and I feel crappy. But it works. When I walk first thing when I get up in the morning I have more energy throughout the day and I sleep better and more often. My other heath annoyances also are under more control. Exercise also makes me a LOT more tolerant of assholes. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t think people should be assholes, and should be called out when they are acting like one. I’m just better able to respond in a polite matter, rather than instantly wanting to punch them in the face. Please note, extreme hate groups and worse are not assholes. They do not even rank that high. They should always be punched in the face. It is NOT necessary to respect their opinion, just as it not necessary to respect someones religion. It is necessary to acknowledge their opinion, consider it. Then if no evidence is presented to the contrary, tell them they are a fucking idiot.


Paddy: Didn’t you just take down the walking desk a month ago?
Patrick: yes. yes I did
Paddy: And wasn’t it ’cause you thought it was causing your shoulder issues?
Patrick: After a month of not walking everyday I started to feel like shit again
Patrick: I also put on 10 pounds. I figure it’s better to be careful on the treadmill, I may have a little discomfort, but at least the rest of me feels OK
Paddy: You know you can walk outside, right?