I mean really, who would do such an evil thing?

Waste not, want not

Paddy: Mind you, I was doing all this out in the fields, it was all still highly illegal and dangerous. It took me weeks to get the cider out there…
Cat: steady…
Paddy: and I really didn’t fancy the idea of makin’ a hundred trips back into town. So I stole a barrel
Patrick: Oh, I see
Cat: The thinking. It hurts
Patrick: That would be much easier to get into town, if not more suspicious.
Paddy: Normally yes, but I slightly underestimated the amount I made
Cat: ow ow ow ow ow
Paddy: Knowing I couldn’t carry a jug and roll a barrel at the same time, I drank the jug
Patrick: Why didn’t you just leave it and come back for it?
Paddy: Because I’m not a sinner, that’s why
Cat: I hate you now