"Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Delta flight 1791 for DC, my name is Steve and I'll be your pilot today"

Watching the wheels go round and round

This weeks comic is presented as is. The only reason I’m putting filler in here at all is to extend the length of the synopsis so that the script section below will be mostly off the text filters for Facebook and the like. I just don’t feel like dealing with FB ads with my dialogue quoted this week


Paddy: Back at it I see. I know the last few weeks have been pretty bad. It’s a lot for anybody to take in.
Paddy: Most of the nation is either taking a good hard look at themselves, or blindly spewing more hate and ignorance because reality doesn’t fit their perceptions
Paddy: So, I understand dropping the drivers ed story line. If you need me, I’ll be inside. I just rented Wonder Woman, it seems appropriate