When a man farts in church, he sits in his own pew

Whiskey on a Sunday

The driving pics were certainly a lot easier before the new cell phone law here. I ended up taking video and screen grabbing. The side street from the main road to the house was so bumpy, it looked like there were 4 Paddy’s in every frame. That is a horrible thought. 3 of them are enough to keep track of with two of them locked in the closet.


Paddy: Well at least we’re moving now
Patrick: Yeah, I know. I can’t think of a secluded place to take you
Paddy: Well I’ve always been fond of the back pew in a church, but they do tend to frown on that sort of behavior, especially during mass
Patrick: Hey that’s a good idea.
Patrick: Some of the mega churches have huge parking lots, we can go there
Paddy: What, all out in the open?
Patrick: It’s Thursday, nowhere near Christmas or Easter. The lot will be empty