In truth, he did unknowingly land on Craigslist, but he couldn't figure out what all the acronyms stood for.

Who’s Craig?

Craigslist, or rather it’s users, are much different here in WA than back in AK. In AK, there were a few flakes that wanted you to hold your item and then never show up, or call. Usually everything was fairly straight forward like you would think it was all supposed to function. Here in WA, or at least in Tacoma, I couldn’t even give away a couch. I ended up offering to pay $20.00 to come and get a free couch. Even then I had a lot of flakes. Craigslist here is like garage sales in Anchorage. Everyone think’s their junk is made from gold covered shit. Maybe that’s what I did wrong. I didn’t price the couch high enough. I should have asked a $300.00 and called it vintage, complete with patina’d fabric tears and unique pet dander.


Narrator: There you are
Paddy: Here I am
Narrator: What are you dong?
Paddy: Remember how I lost my job back in April?
Narrator: Yeeeessss
Paddy: I thought I would spend some time looking on the internet
Narrator: But…
Narrator: That is nowhere near craigslist
Paddy: Noooo, it’s Tumblr. Does Craigslist have better porn?