You were just meant to think it was a hipsters, Luke.  The door to door Jesus salespeople come to your door single file to better hide their numbers.

William S Burroughs eat your heart out…

You know I can imagine Burroughs voice, as well as a poetic berating he would give to the current generation of ‘hipsters’ and their empty collection of pop culture material gathered with an anti-consumerism consumerism, without experiencing anything but the satisfaction of being first, then just throwing it away when it becomes too mainstream. I’m betting he’d do it without even a ‘back in my day’.

Meh, most likely he’d ignore them and write about bugs, drugs and sex. I still absolutely adore his take on REM’s “Star me Kitten”


Patrick: I can’t really see who it is. They are wearing a suit and a hat though.
Wife: Shit! It is church people.
Patrick: Maybe not, there’s only one, and he’s wearing a Trilby.
Wife: AH CRAP, it’s a hipster.
Patrick: I think it’s worse than that, the hat and coat look cheap.
Wife: You mean there’s such a thing as wanna be hipsters?