I'm guessing Paddy also like tickling the ivories, or anything else for that matter.

I wish my brother George were here

One of my siblings would do this if there was a call for her. She would be in pajamas, and not talk on the phone because she wasn’t dressed. I’m betting her husband knows which sibling it is.


Paddy: what am I going to do?
phone continues to ring
Narrator: Usually one answer it
Paddy: but I’m not even dressed
Narrator: here
Paddy: I need to answer the phone, not go to a party
Narrator: you realize they can’t see you, right?
Paddy: I can see me!
Narrator: Fine. Try this
Paddy: Oooh Shiny! Still, a little too Liberace for my tastes
more ignored because it is obviously less important then the situation itself, ringing