you know, "The markets", just around the corner from "the ol' main drag".

with a fiver in me pocket

So I was originally going to use “girls on film” to kind of keep the Duran Duran title theme going with this, but I discovered that I already used that. Conveniently I had an ear worm the last few days that came out a bit better suited.  For reference, The Pogues, “The ol’ main drag”


Paddy: OK, so I’m thinking we drape lots of purple velvet…
Wife: I don’t think we’re going to do that
Paddy: but? why not?
Wife:  Look, they really only wanted your money
Wife: It’s a scam
Paddy: Damn. Last time they only wanted the photos
Wife: Oh we’re still going to send the photos
Paddy: Yay!
Wife: Only with a twist
Paddy: So this is how they had me pose for the markets flyer
Wife: The what? never mind, this’ll work beautifully