We just like old maps. They don't just show you a location, they show you how our knowledge has expanded over the years.

X Marks the Spot

This last week I re-discovered I’m getting old. I did some work on the bathroom and hallway floors re-grouting and laying replacement tiles. My hands are very sore and slightly swollen. My knees throb and I’m tired. I did, however, mange to get the last map reframed to match the others and it is also up on the wall. The laundry is also done.


Paddy: Back at it I see
Patrick: Yup. I figured I’d get a few easy projects out the way before starting the book cabinets
Paddy: Knowing you, I’m surprised you’re not doing them in between glue ups
Patrick: I thought I’d change the routine
Paddy: I think that’s my old house
Patrick: see if a slower pace helps keep from getting lost in the anxiety loop
Paddy: Is that why you have so many maps everywhere?