Are you happy now?
You know, It just didn't seem like you really put your heart and soul into it. Do it again, this time with panashe!
Fuck Off!

This year I’m dressing as Henry Bascombe

For those of you that don’t recall the spooky space kook¬†episode of Scooby Doo, short clip here.

The idea for this came at 3AM the night after I saw the skeleton at Costco. I didn’t really sleep much that night. My intent was to actually make a costume for Paddy, but with getting some extra hours in at the office, there really wasn’t enough time. That and I really didn’t want to spend the money. Costumes for Paddy weigh a little bit less than food on the priority scale. I should make that one of those fancy donation meters on the side “Clothes for Paddy” I could set it for about $3,000. that should cover the Costco Casket, and a¬†burial (not that it would do any good apparently) Cremation would certainly be cheaper, but the EPA would have a fit.


Paddy: Happy Halloween! Don’t you dare give me a damned dog treat!
Patrick: Go on then, do it.
Paddy: What? NO!
Patrick: Do it, or we’ll charge you rent next week
Paddy: fine.