How many clichés can he fit into one comic? Does he really need to add a new character? How much space should he give him on the cast page? Can he act like an Airline and charge him for two spaces?

you make the rocking world go round

As I wrote this I started thinking, am I technically adding a new character? Do I want to bring more neighbors in on this? More appropriately, create more neighbors? How many funny lat names can I possibly come up with? Will they always be the butt of the joke? Am I just making an ass of myself? most of all should I have made the first photo in a 50’s black and white film grain?


Narrator: The surgery was a success. Our hero contemplates his new situation.
Paddy: and his shift at Hooters
Narrator: Am I man or am I machine? Does it even matter? How best do I help the world with these new abilities?
Paddy: Good afternoon MR Rubenbottom! I adore the new plaid couch! Do you need a hand bringing it in?
Narrator: PSST! that is not a couch
Paddy: OH Shit! Sorry! I must say that the kilt gives your ass a very well upholstered look