It's actually a chain of Massage parlors

You were always on my mind

As a child I was very confused by the term “red light district”. I think this was mainly because they said it was by my Grandparents house and I knew that there was a single blinking red light at a couple of intersections. Sadly, I was only a few blocks off.


Narrator: Oh Look, there’s a Swedish center on your left
Paddy: I don’t think that’s appropriate given the current circumstances
Narrator: What? Why not?
Patrick: singing BORK! BORK! BORK!
Paddy: I believe the gentleman prefers Gingers, not blondes
Narrator: It’s a medical center!
Paddy: I don’t care what they call it nowadays, the wife will still be pissed!
Narrator: Speaking of…
Narrator: Did you ever call her?
Wife: Hello? Anyone home?